Children born in August 2005

OMG, I have a toddler now?

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Welcome! This community is geared towards women and their partners whose babies were born in August 2005.

The original goal of this community was to provide support for pregnant women who were due in August 2005, but now we mostly just talk about what our toddlers are up to :D. If you have a baby who was born around this time, please consider joining! :)

Feel free to share your latest news and events, share your concerns, ask for advice or just plain have fun. We're glad that you are here! Feel free to kick up your heels and introduce yourself! :D

This community does have a few rules (borrowed from the very sensible pregnant community):
  1. Be respectful towards other users. Always remember that behind every post and comment is a person with thoughts and feelings.
  2. No profanity
  3. No spam - if you want to post promotions of other LJ communities, please ask the mod first.
  4. Please try to keep the cross-posting to a minimum.
  5. Keep a level head about advice given and received: if you ask for advice, be aware that you may get advice that differs from what you want to hear; conversely, if you give advice, please be aware that your advice may not be received the way you want it to.
  6. Please post photos and text longer than 500 words under a LJ-CUT
  7. Contact the moderators if you have a concern!

Your friendly moderators,